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I sumbitted a 7 week ultrasound image for the Ramzi theory to be done. They got back to mw the next day stating why they believe it’s a girl based on the theory. Well, I just got the call from my doctor telling us we are having a baby girl! So they were completely right! So wonderful to know the Gender Experts are great credible people!


I did the ramzi theory with a 7 week scan, at 16 weeks I confirmed that the gender experts were right !! IT’S A BOY 🙂


I had both the ramzi and skull theory in early pregnancy and both came back girl.
Gender scan confirmed we are having a boy!

Fun way to pass early pregnancy. Thanks!


I submitted scans for Ramzi, skull, & nub theories. Each time you predicted it was a girl. I just received my blood test results and it IS a girl!! Thank you so much; my instincts said girl and you helped ease my mind while waiting for my results. Keep up the great work!


I mostly purchased this because of the entertainment factor as I was patiently waiting for my 20 week gender scan. I sent my 9 week ultrasound scan and did the Ramzi theory and the Gender Experts predicted that it was a girl! Well guess what! 20 week ultrasound shows it is a girl!!! Even if it wouldn’t have been correct I was still satisfied, the results came really fast and the fact that they were correct was awesome!! XOXO Marielle

Marielle Klagmann

During my last pregnancy i submitted my scan picture and was predicted a litttle girl. This was correct and sge is a delight! I am now expecting my second baby wnd have submitted a scan picture again. Can’t wait for your bext orediction. Definitely recommend to mums!


I submitted my 8 week transvaginal ultrasound and the gender experts predicted I would have a boy. I found out I was having a boy through genetic testing.


its Girls , You guessed a boy I had hoped for boy though but still happy with girl


So far so good – I still do not know what I am having yet, but just thought I’d let you know that you have been right with a lot of ladies on my pregnancy board so far. I can’t wait to find out in 6 weeks! i will update when I find out!


Nub Theory – My 12 week NT scan was predicted girl by my ultrasound tech. I wanted to have extra reassurance, and you guys also guessed girl by the nub theory. 6 weeks later, we found out we are for sure having a princess. Thank you for your prediction!


Fast and accurate – Thank you for your gender guess. Even though I was hoping to hear girl, you predicted boy, and sure enough it’s another boy! Would recommend to anyone that wants have a bit of fun and who wants to have an insight into gender during the first trimester.


Ramzi scan – You guessed a girl with the Ramzi Theory! So excited we’ll be welcoming a little girl this fall to join our 2 little boys!!


Ramzi Testimonial! – I got my 7 week sono analyzed and got a response quickly. Loved hearing that our little one was a strong pink! With the results from our first trimester blood work, the Ramzi theory was confirmed as correct for me. A girl! Thank you very much for the accurate guess!


Twins – A few weeks ago, I sent in ultrasound picture of my twins. With a personal response back, you guessed boy/girl twins.  Just wanted to let you know… It was right!!!!! We are having a boy and a girl. What a blessing and thank you so much for your timely response and gender prediction. Was totally fun and accurate.


Twin testimonial – When I submitted my scans for the twins, you  guessed Baby A was a boy and Baby B was a girl. I just had my anatomy scan and you were exactly right! One of each! I couldn’t be happier…great job 🙂


Update: Just wanted to update, you guessed boy for ramzi & nub, and just found out we are indeed having a boy.


I just got my gender blood work in and you guys said it was a girl and it is! 🙂 keep up the good work!


When I opened my Email and read it’s a girl I wanted to cry but knew it wasn’t for sure just yet until 3 days later when I got my scan and was told that after 2 boys I was indeed having a girl! Thank you gender experts for saying it first. 🙂



I had other people guess for ramzi, and they all said girl. After researching the theory, I wanted to have a professional look at it, because my tech said the placenta was actually on the right side. After submitting my photo, you guessed boy! I was thrilled, but of course I didn’t go any buy blue yet. At my 19 week scan, it was confirmed a boy! Thank you!!


I have been a part of a Facebook group since I was around 5 weeks along, of ladies all due in November. I had my first scan at 8 weeks, and quickly posted it to Facebook so [TheGenderExperts] could do a Ramzi prediction. She said the baby was pretty centered but there was a slight girl lean. 8 weeks later, we found out we are having a baby girl!!


You were correct for my 6 week Ramzi theory scan and my 12+2 nub theory photo–it’s a boy! I loved how fast I received the results and it was so exciting to hear the results! Overall this was a lot of fun! 🙂


My prediction was wrong and I had a little baby boy.




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