40 Weeks Pregnant: Tips & What to Expect

At 40 weeks, your baby is about the size of a watermelon. This week is officially the end of your pregnancy.

Your baby

The moment that you and your baby have been waiting for is finally here. This week marks the official end of your pregnancy. Your baby weighs about nine pounds and measures about 22 inches. You are still providing him with the antibodies he will need to stay healthy for six months after birth. However, if you are planning on breastfeeding, then your milk will provide him with the antibodies he will need to bolster his immune system.

Baby’s vision at birth

The first thing that you will look for when baby arrives is whether he is a boy or a girl. Once that mystery is solved, you will also notice that your new born baby is wearing a leftover travel dust consisting of vernix, amniotic fluid, lanugo and blood.

When he’s born, everything to him will look a bit blurry because he can only see about an inch away, but there is no problem with that. Just make sure that you say hello little one since he will likely recognize your voice at birth.

New born baby loves being swaddled

Although your baby’s legs and arms may flail a bit, he is still curled in the fetal position. The reason being, after nine months in a small space, he still hasn’t realized that he has enough room to stretch and spread out. And since it’s the only position he knows, it’s the most comfortable to be in. That’s the main reason why most newborn babies like to be swaddled.

Your body

How will your body know that it’s finally time to deliver the baby? Well, just because the D-day is marketed on the practitioner’s chart doesn’t mean that things will play that way. About 30% of pregnant women go past 40 weeks before giving birth. So, you may not know your due date. But your health care provider won’t let it go more than 42 weeks.

When your water will break

Water breaking before the onset of labor is one event that cannot be guaranteed. By this week, you are probably worrying about when your water will break. But this shouldn’t worry you because less than 15% of pregnant women break their water before labor begins, and second, it may also come as a slow leak, small gush or trickle.

Pregnancy tips

  • Ask your practitioner how, why and when he might want to induce labor. Unless your little one is in danger, labor should not be induced until you are 42 weeks pregnant.
  • You can induce labor naturally by walking, having sex, acupressure and acupuncture. However, you should talk to your health care provider first. He will give you the green light to try any of these methods.
  • You may find it difficult to sleep these days. You may want to get a pregnancy body pillow even if you only have a day or two left