Heart Rate Gender Prediction

Heart Rate in Early Pregnancy

One of the most exciting events in early pregnancy is hearing the first pitter-patters of your baby’s heart beating. Many women can hear their baby’s heart rate for the first time around week 8 if they receive an early ultrasound exam. Otherwise, fetal Doppler may be able to pick it up in the exam room by week 10. You can distinguish your heart beat from your baby’s by the cadence of the beat – your baby’s heart will sound like a galloping horse.

Heart rate Gender Predictor

What is the gender prediction test for fetal heart rate? They say that if your baby’s heart rate is OVER 140 beats per minute, that you may be having a GIRL. If it is UNDER 140 beats per minute, you may be having a BOY!

Fetal Heart Rate – Is it an accurate early indicator of the sex of your baby?

Although we do not know where the origins of this theory came from, it has been long discussed among sonographers if there is, in fact, a correlation between fetal heart rate and the sex of a baby. Some ultrasound technicians swear by this method, but the majority: don’t.
In fact, a group of sonographers put it to the test and conducted a comprehensive study to determine the truth behind this myth. Their study can be found here: Obgyn.net
You can see by their plotted graph that there is no direct correlation.

Image source = http://www.obgyn.net/articles/sex-heart-rate-and-age
Given our experience, and the data given from official studies, we can conclude that fetal heart rate and gender prediction is a myth. We can add it to our “just for fun” Gender Prediction Tests and Old Wives Tales List.

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