Gender Prediction – Urine Analysis Tests

In recent years, a few companies have claimed to detect an undisclosed element in a pregnant woman’s urine that would possibly link to a particular gender when the substance reacts with urine. These gender prediction tests can be found online, and some in stores. You can check your local pharmacy to see if they carry it or you can buy online for a  discounted price.

How accurate are urine gender prediction tests?

Intelligender claims to be fairly accurate from its independent studies (80-90% range) Real world tests have not proven to be as accurate because directions may not have been followed perfectly, and no gender test is 100% accurate. It is just for fun, as all predictors are, so don’t paint the nursery after receiving the results!

What are the different brands of urine tests?

Intelligender Gender Prediction Kit

Intelligender can be used as early as 10 weeks gestation (or 6 weeks after your missed period.) It comes with a urine sample cup that contains their undisclosed element. It is important to use your first morning urine when conducting the test. After collecting the urine, you swirl it around and wait 5 minutes. There is a color coded label on the test container. Looking at eye level, you match whether the substance has turned orange – which is a girl results, or dark green to black – which is a boy result.

At retail stores and pharmacies, this test regularly costs $39.99. We found the best price online at For our best price, you can get it here:

Intelligender Result examples:


Obscure result: This is a confirmed BOY

Girl Result

Momma Bear Baby Gender Reveal Kit

Momma Bear is similar to Intelligender but offers 2 kits for a lower price than Intelligender – 2 kits for $19.99
They also offer REFUNDS if it is not accurate.
Momma Bear is only sold online. You can get it here:

Gendermaker Urine Prediction Test

Gendermaker is the most economical option for urine analysis gender prediction tests. It is only $9.95 and is similar to both Intelligender and Momma Bear.

They do not offer refunds for inaccurate results.

Gendermaker can only be purchased online. You can get it here:

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