Baking Soda Gender Prediction Test


This is a super easy and quick “gender test” that tests the Ph of your urine. Since male sperm live in an acidic environment, they say if the baking soda “fizzes,” you’re carrying a boy! If the baking soda does not react to your urine, it means you may be carrying a girl, since female sperm are better off in an alkaline environment.
All you need to do is:

(First morning urine)
1. Put a little baking soda in a paper cup
2. Pee in the cup (just a little is fine)


My results? I am 23 weeks pregnant…when I used my first morning urine to take the test, there was NO reaction. So according to this I should be having a baby GIRL.

As luck should have it, I am pregnant with a BOY! Another one bites the dust.

What are your results? Was this correct or incorrect for you? Comment below!