Ancient Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese Gender Predictor

Legend says, this calendar was discovered 700 years ago in an ancient tomb.

“The Ancient Chinese gender chart was found in a royal tomb centuries ago. It uses your age and date of conception to predict gender. This can also be used the Chinese gender predictor as a pre-conception tool if you’re swaying for a particular gender.”

Chinese Gender Predictor Calendar

While some claim a high accuracy on the Chinese Gender Chart, we have found it to be 50% accurate. This may be for the following reasons:

Variables that affect accuracy:

  • Not using your “Lunar age”  Some sources say to use your Lunar Age for the Chinese Gender Chart. This is usually calculated by adding one year to your current age. Other sources say you also have to find your “Lunar month” as well.


  • There are several different charts, so which one do you use? While the original Chinese Gender Prediction chart’s origins are unknown, we conducted a poll to decide which chart is most accurate. Use the chart at the top of our page, as it was voted to be the “most accurate.” We have included some popular charts and you can see how different they are.

Examples of variations to the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar:

Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor Chart - Voted Most Accurate

Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction Chart – Voted Most Accurate

How accurate is the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart?


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